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Do I Need to See A Therapist?

You may have once thought that therapy is for people who are in a really bad place in life. You may have thought that people who need therapy are severely depressed, addicted, damaged, out of touch with reality, or possess some other type of severe mental illness. Factually, therapy is often used in these instances, but it is often used in less acute cases as well.

So, do you need therapy? The answer to that question lies within this question: What is therapy... really? Well, way back in the late 1800s, practitioners in the field of psychology were all educated doctors. Rightfully so because the modern-day clinical practice is based on their subsequent research. What has been discovered is that counselors or therapists (often used interchangeably) do not need to have their M.D. or Ph.D. degrees to be great or successful in their profession.

While sufficient knowledge in the field of counseling and psychology is the baseline for becoming a decent counselor, most great counselors possess a certain ability to connect to others in a uniquely impactful way. Therapists possess the ability to meet someone wherever there are in life, empathize with this person, and truly listen to their problems. Through this powerful process, stress, confusion, fear, sadness, and hopelessness begin to dissipate.

So, back to the original question: Do I need a therapist?

  • Are you feeling stress, confusion, fear, sadness, or a sense of hopelessness in any facet of your life or relationships?

  • Do you have people in your life giving you advice that, for some reason, just isn't sitting right with you, or is making it difficult to know the best way to respond to a problem?

  • Are you wanting something to be different or feel like something is missing or unclear in your life, but don't know what that something is or how to change it?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then a therapist could be helpful for you. To benefit from a counselor, you don't have to be wallowing in self-loathing thoughts, experiencing hallucinations, or hearing voices (again, all things a licensed professional counselor is trained to handle). Ultimately, a therapist's job is to provide a therapeutic interaction for a client that allows them to experience the events in that person's life more positively...and yes, even grief can be positive.

I once heard the saying, "Joy shared is multiplied; sorrow shared is divided." (Unknown, n.d.). Therapists are trained to navigate this process. Just to note—proper training is crucial to providing good therapy, but there is something transcendent, extremely powerful, and therapeutic about two people sitting in a room, being fully transparent, fully authentic, present, and just talking, listening, and problem-solving with one another.

Would you benefit from this? Do you know someone else who might benefit from this? Are you overwhelmed by your current situation? Naya Clinics has a selection of amazing counselors that are eager to assist you as you navigate the difficulties and complexities of life. Why hesitate to reach out to one of us and see what our therapists can do for you?

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About Sam Nabil

Sam Nabil is the founder of Naya Clinics and is a Boston therapist and a Boston Marriage Counselor.

Sam offers therapy in Boston and Boston Marriage Counseling for adults suffering from relationship challenges, life transitions and anxiety. Sam Nabil was featured in many prestigious publications. Check out his interview with Aljazeera English, The Washington post, The Boston Globe, Fatherly magazine, Women's health magazine, Cornell university, Yahoo News, USA Today,

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