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Postpartum Anxiety

Many women have heard of postpartum depression (PPD). Postpartum depression is the experience of clinically depressive symptoms present in the mother after childbirth. These symptoms are not always immediate and can occur weeks after giving birth and returning to the home.

Postpartum depression is an extremely common phenomenon that effects many mothers. The stress of becoming a new mother is an immense amount of pressure to have to adjust to in a short period of time.

Depression can feel like an overwhelming sense of emptiness, aimlessness, or worthlessness related to the changes in dynamics or roles within the family.

A lesser-known phenomenon is Postpartum Anxiety (PPA). Postpartum anxiety is marked by clinically significant symptoms of anxiety after giving birth. PPA is noticeable by an overwhelming feeling of fear, dread, or worry concerning the various aspects of being a mother, changes in routine, or concerns related to the child's safety or well-being. This level of anxiety can also lead to other diagnoses such as Obsessive-Compulive Disorder (OCD).

PPA is extremely similar to PPD. It is almost equally as common, and can even be comorbid with PPD. In fact, PPA can resemble symptoms of PPD. In worst cases, PPA can be misdiagnosed as PPD. This can create issues for some mothers who may begin medication and are struggling to navigate their symptoms or understand why their symptoms are not improving. In many cases, anxiety can be an underlying cause of depression. Anxiety can feel so debilitating that depression can set in.

If you or someone you love might be struggling with the symptoms listed above, associated with anxiety or depression, it is important that they obtain the help they require to recover.

Together, you and a mental health/wellness professional can help guide the way for them to take steps toward managing these symptoms and/or improving their quality of life.

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