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How to Stop being scared from personal growth

Would you rather: (1) Relive the past month without the ability to change any details, or (2) Time travel one month into the future without the ability to ever go back to fix any of your mistakes?

Some of us would say, "I'm not taking any chances," and we might choose to relive the past. Others might be looking forward to something next month; so, they are more likely to take a journey ahead.

In terms of personal growth, what is the key difference between these two choices? I would say, it's fear versus anticipation. If you are not looking forward to the future, you may not be aware of all the good things that are to come. Maybe you are dreading an undesired outcome, and you are trying to avoid it. But, what if something amazing was waiting for you next month? Would you spend time going backward and deprive yourself of that experience?

What if I told you that in one month, you could be a better version of yourself or that your life could be a step closer to looking the way you want it to look? Would you take that step? If not, why not?

It is important to examine the things holding us back from being a better version of ourselves and the factors that might direct our lives in destructive ways.

When we do this self-examination, we are one step closer to fulfillment. The catch is that self-examination is not easy. It can be painful. It might bring up old emotional wounds, fears, and feelings of shame and embarrassment. It can even leave you feeling hopeless... Yes, that is scary, but take heart. There is hope.

Though you have had negative experiences and deep hurt, you are still here, and you are wiser than you were before because of this. Nelson Mandela once said, "I never lose. Sometimes I win, and sometimes I learn." You made it through, but the fight is not over.

People are social beings, and we were never meant to take on life alone. Anyone who claims they have is not giving credit to those who deserve it. When did we start believing that we are alone in this world?

Our past experiences have a way of sending us messages that are not always accurate. The truth is, you are strong enough to face your past or take on the future. And there is nothing wrong with needing some help along the way.

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