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love like the old days . Is Vintage Love better?

In a time when you can be anywhere else, choose here. Be in the moment, present with who you are with. With a few touches to our phone, we can feel as though we are in the heart of Barcelona, walking through the streets of Las Ramblas, even though we are actually sitting at a diner in downtown Cincinnati across from a few friends who are also nose deep in their own searching. I get it. I’m a millennial. Technology has been handed to us, but it isn’t just the “young kids” who get absorbed and distracted by this way of life- it’s everyone.

I recently saw someone post on social media (oh, the irony) about what “vintage love” looked like and how it was perceived as “seemingly simple, beautiful and true.” As I scrolled through the images of these portrayals of love, I understood. The pictures truly exuded those feelings. They were raw, pure, and engaging. People were present with one another. They looked at each other in the eyes, went on adventures together, and didn’t have to focus on capturing the perfect shot for Instagram. I’m not mocking it. Trust me, I’m along for the social media ride as well. I’m not going to suggest for you to just put down your phone. However, maybe we can find a better balance. We can’t ignore the blessings of technology that have allowed us to connect to a place in Barcelona we may never visit, but we also can’t lose sight of the value behind what we perceive as “vintage love;” the connection, passion, and mindfulness.

Let yourself fall in love with the unplugged present, while also being aware of and involved in the technologies of today. Adjust your day-to-day lifestyle to fit both. I believe the easiest way to accomplish this is with intention. When we are intentional, we create a level of determination that holds us accountable. Healthy communication, transparency, and creating realistic, attainable goals are a few of the focus areas that promote this positive growth.

It is so incredibly easy to allow our relationships, romantic or platonic, to take second place to our interactions on the web. When everyone and everything begins to matter more, our relationships can begin to suffer the consequences. If this is an area you would like help with, whether individually or as a couple, I gladly offer my therapeutic services. Visit to book an appointment!


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