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Soul Mate Quiz

The Best Soul Mate Quiz you will find On the Internet


For Couples & Individuals

The relationship map -- A guide to compatibility

Before you give up on love… 📌 READ THIS. 📌

If your love life is a mess, the Soul Mate Quiz is just for you. This short quiz has the results of 10 relationship coaching sessions for just a fraction of the cost and a slice of the time.

For Individuals : If you have ever asked yourself why do I find myself in the same type of shitty relationship, get your hands on a copy of The Soul Mate Quiz without thinking. It will help you find answers to questions you did not even know how to ask!

For Couples: If you ever wondered why you find yourself in the same fight with your partner over and over again, or why you are on and off with your partner, get two copies of the Soul Mate Quiz, one for you and one for your partner. In minutes, you will have deeper insight than you ever imagined into your relationship dynamics and what to do about them.

❤️ Revitalize your relationships ❤️ Renew your drive ❤️ Rejuvenate your life ❤️ Rekindle your passion

Get all the answers you need on love, and relationships in 20 minutes — or less.

The Story of the “Soul Mate Quiz”

Hi, I’m Sam Nabil, Licensed therapist , life coach and Founder of Naya Clinics.

In my practice, my colleagues and I have been privileged to help thousands of couples overcome seemingly insurmountable relationship challenges.

​This experience pointed me to a few undeniable facts

​1) For the couples that we see, their challenges seem highly unique to them. As coaches and therapists, we see that most couples fall more or less into a predictable “theme”

​2) I chose a career in coaching and therapy because I love helping people, and couples in particular.

After all these years in practice however, I was getting really frustrated with the impact we are having on people’s lives.

Thousands of couples have radically improved their relationships after working with us, and yet, thousands more come through our door every year for the same issues and themes.

​3) I grew convinced that I must find a way to “democratize” the knowledge that we share with our clients in my practice, and make it available at a much larger scale to a much larger public.

​4) For this idea to work I put a goal for myself to find a way to help way more couples and individuals with their most pressing relationship challenges than I can ever hope to personally work within a lifetime.

I also wanted to do so in a way that is substantially more affordable to couples everywhere than attending therapy.

What is the “Soul Mate Quiz”

​So I got to work, and I m proud to present you with the “Soul Mate Quiz”. The Best Relationship Test online.

It is a relationship compatibility test for couples to take together or for you to take individually.

Imagine getting the benefit of 10 relationship coaching sessions for a fraction of the cost and a fraction of the time.

​The Soulmate quiz is:

  1. Hassle-free investment in yourself that fits your lifestyle & gives you results.

  2. Client-centered and efficient without the fluff and the B.S.

  3. Clinically proven and designed by board-certified therapists to help you if you are in relationships and even if you are not in a relationship.

The Soul Mate Quiz will help you individually to gain insights about yourself you probably never even though about. If you are in a relationship - especially if things have been rocky lately - it will help revitalize your relationship and rekindle your passion for your partner.

What will you get from the Soul Mate Quiz

When you finish the quiz, you will have the answers to some of the most difficult relationship questions that you have been asking yourself all your life.

These answers can take months of therapy and hundreds if not thousands of dollars for you to uncover.

You will learn

​- Why are you unhappy in your relationship(s) (and how to become happy)

-- Why you find yourself in the same type of relationship over and over again? (and what to do about it)

-- What type of partner are you looking for? (and why you cant seem to find them)

-- What type of partner is suitable for you? (and why you seem to keep pushing them away)

-- What you are “actually” looking for in a relationship? (not what you think you are looking for)

-- Why is it that you are looking for these things in a relationships (and how to set yourself up to succeed)

-How do you shoot yourself in the foot when it comes to relationships (and what to do about it)

Who will benefit from the Soul Mate Quiz


If you aren’t communicating with your partner

If your interactions are mostly negative.

If you’re scared to open up

If you are punishing each other by being mean to one another

If you don’t see yourself as a team

If you can’t be honest with each other

If you are having an affair or want to have an affair.

If you feel the only way to stay together is if your partner changes who they are

If you are not being intimate and not having sex.


If you can’t seem to find a relationship

If you feel dissatisfied when you are in a relationship

If you feel like you keep making the same relationship mistakes

If you find yourself attracting the same type of relationships that are “wrong” for you

If you feel you are stuck in negative patterns every time you meet someone

If you feel scared you will never find someone for you

If you feel lonely and unmotivated to seek an intimate partner

Sam Nabil is the founder of Naya Clinics and is a licensed therapist as well as a Seattle Executive Life coach for individuals and a Relationship Coach in Seattle.

Sam offers Life Coaching for high achieving adults struggling with relationship challenges, life transitions and anxiety.


Naya Clinics is a top-rated Marriage Counseling, therapy and Life coaching practice.

Naya Clinics offers Marriage Counselors near me, individual therapy near me, and life coaching near me in various locations across the USA and the world.


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