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Naya Clinics: Taking Care of Your Mental Health and Well-Being

When was the last time you prioritized your mental health and well-being? Please don't put it off for later. Learn how Naya Clinics can help here.

Mental health. It is something that you should focus on and it is very important for your mental wellbeing.

Unfortunately, issues in this department are much more common than you may think for Americans. About 53 million people in the country suffer from mental illness.

If you are someone that struggles with mental health issues, perhaps you should seek counseling like Naya Clinics. If that is something that you need to work up to, there are other ways to help.

Here are some of the best things that you can do to take care of yourself.

Plan Time for Rest

You may be struggling with depression, stress, or anxiety and may not know the cause of it. To solve this, you have to think about what you do in your daily routine.

One of the things that can take up about 1/3 of your life is sleeping. You need to plan time for that and you need to make sure that you are getting enough sleep.

If you do not get enough sleep, this can cause you to feel significantly more stressed. It is recommended that you get anywhere between seven and nine hours of sleep. Studies show that even getting less than eight hours of sleep can mentally harm you.

For example, about half of adults that get less than eight hours of sleep are more likely to yell at their partner or their children. In contrast, adults who get more than eight hours of sleep only do that between 27-36% of the time.

What this means is that studies prove that you have less patience if you do not get adequate sleep. But, that is not all.

People who get less sleep are more likely to feel angry, have a lack of interest in things, feel overwhelmed, and skip exercise. Basically, losing sleep can cause you to neglect other healthy habits for you, so make sure that you are catching up on your sleep.

Saying No

Another thing that you may want to think about is one thing that was mentioned above: feeling overwhelmed. Part of the reason that you may be feeling overwhelmed is that you may feel like you have too much on your plate.

You may think that one person cannot handle all of the responsibilities that you have. If this is the case with you, sit down and evaluate everything that you feel obligated to do in your life. Then, you may have to make some hard decisions about how your life can improve.

For example, you may help your older parents with errands on a daily basis. You may have to approach them and say this is too much and cut it back to about once per week.

You may have friends that have asked you to be part of clubs and organizations that you do not have a strong passion for. However, you joined because they are good causes and did not want to let your friends down.

However, you have a full-time job and committing to these organizations leaves you no time to unwind. Here, you may have to cut the chord and tell your friends these organizations are too much for you right now.

Form Close Relationships

Something else that you can do to improve your mental health is to form close relationships with certain people. This can be easier said than done considering it can take years to build that type of trust.

This is easier if you have a dependable family and you are close to the core members of it. Even if you do not have this though, there are other ways to develop close relationships.

The first thing you can do is simply put yourself out there. Try to find a common bond with people that you can talk about and maybe an activity that you can do together.

For example, if you like roller coasters, start looking for roller coaster vloggers and look into amusement park groups where you can start interacting with people.

Another example is if you are a big baseball fan and like to go to different baseball stadiums. There are groups that cater to these specific niches and you can start developing relationships there and potentially meet new people.


You may be someone that gets emotionally fueled by what they see on the internet. You could be someone that spends too much of their time in front of screens. Or, you could just not spend enough time outside.

If it is possible, try to dedicate some time either every day or a few days a week to go outside and give yourself a chance to unplug. You can gain natural protein from the sun while giving your mind a chance to just relax.

Also, this can be used as a way to meditate and for some people, it can be used as a healthy way to exercise. You can use this time to unplug to either go on a healthy walk or a healthy run around your neighborhood.

Get Counseling With Naya Clinics

Finally, if you are serious about improving your mental health, you may have to take bigger steps than those above. You may want to seek counseling with Naya Clinics.

Using this space can allow you to address your problems with a trained professional. Then, you guys can work together to figure out ways to address these issues.

Is this something that you would consider doing? Find one of our locations today to get started.


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Sam Nabil is the founder of Naya Clinics and is a Cincinnati therapist and a Cincinnati Marriage Counselor.

Sam offers therapy in Cincinnati and Cincinnati Marriage Counseling for adults suffering from relationship challenges, life transitions and anxiety.

Sam was featured in many prestigious publications. Check out his interview with Aljazeera English And Cornell university , Yahoo News, USA Today,,

Naya Clinics is a top-rated Marriage Counseling, therapy and Life coaching practice.

Naya Clinics offers Marriage Counselors near me, individual therapy near me, and life coaching near me in various locations across the USA and the world.

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