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How Depression Impacts couples

A lot of couples are affected by depression. It can be helpful to understand how depression impacts relationships. identifying what is happening so you can get a better handle of the situation can increase relationship satisfaction and decrease depression feelings and symptoms. Depression isn't hopeless, there are ways to manage what is happening: here are some techniques to try

Use open communication, this is encouraged in any situation involving relationships and is especially important when it comes to depression. Mental health issues can place a lot of pressure on the relationship and being able to speak and to be heard is very important.

Look at external influences, detach from the condition and see the person. Depression is the problem not the person. It is not part of your personality it is something you are experiencing

Break things down, this means identifying the exact nature of depression. This involves getting a better idea of the severity and identifying triggers. Most people feel like depression affects them all the time but when you look at the details it can be acknowledged that there are times when it is better and times when it is worse. Specific sources of stress can also be addressed and managed.

Sit down as a couple and make a timeline together. This can identify positive and negative events throughout the relationship and offers a chance to explore how these vents affected things. Depression can often be linked to an event or a big life change. Doing a timeline is also beneficial because this is a way to explore together how the events both people experienced is making each person feel. Sometimes an event that was triggering for one person might have had a greater or lesser impact on the other.

Worried About your relationship & have no time to go to Counseling?


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