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Good People Wear Masks...Right?

What does it mean to be a good person?

Some would say all people are inherently bad by nature. Altruism is the willingness to tend to the needs of another, even at the expense of our own needs and desires. Some would say that pursuing altruism is always the right thing to do. We all enjoy being needed by others, and we all like to be praised for being helpful. Because of this desire to fit in and be accepted, some might say then, that pure altruism is actually unattainable.

There will always be an ounce of us that does something for a small personal gain. That personal gain might come to us as outward praise or acceptance into a group, or maybe, that gain could simply be that subtle, inner voice telling us, "Job well done!"

Wherever the willingness to tend to another comes from, there is always a level of personal gain attached to it. Does that reality make you feel like you’re a bad person? Spoiler alert! This truthfully doesn't make you a bad person. It just makes you human.

So, is wearing a face covering in public the right thing to do because it's uncomfortable for us, but it might reduce the spread of infection - even, if only by a small percentage? Well, I think the better question is: What is your motive for choosing to wear a mask or not?

  • Are you wearing a mask to avoid being shamed by others?

  • Are you wearing the mask because you want to feel good knowing that you might save a life?

  • Maybe you choose not to wear a mask because you don't trust in its effectiveness.

  • You might believe that masks are a part of a larger political agenda separate from your own.

Consequentially, you might have more things to consider if you aren't generally concerned about the well-being of others.

As for now, face coverings seem to be the standard, and in order to participate in society, masks are a must. There are no signs of this changing in the near future. As we head into this state of new normality with so much uncertainty and anxiety, change becomes extremely uncomfortable, and although the concept of pure altruism might conflict with human nature, change is a key feature of the human experience.

People were made to be adaptable. It is why we have superior brains compared to all other species. We can navigate new experiences. We can adapt, and we can change. We can grow, and we are better for it. It also doesn't hurt to have another person pouring out their time, energy, and support to help us through that process.

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