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Licensed Professional Counselor Samantha Durbin Joins the Naya Clinics Team

The Cincinnati-based counseling service expands team in order to serve more clients, reports

The top-rated counseling services in Cincinnati, Ohio, Naya Clinics has announced the addition of a new member to their team: licensed professional counselor Samantha Durbin. Owner Sam Nabil said that the new staff will allow the business to expand and serve more clients in the Cincinnati area, while maintaining the high quality of counseling and therapy that the business is known for. “We are delighted to welcome Samantha,” said Nabil. “She is considered one of the top counseling talents in Cincinnati counseling services, and we know she has a lot to offer our clients.”

Naya Clinics specializes in services for adult clients, including marriage therapy, counseling for depression and anxiety, trauma therapy, and life coaching, among others. “Life is all about change and transitions, and most of us have trouble coping at times,” explained Nabil. “As therapists, we try to meet people where they are and walk with them through a difficult time in their life. We also need to give our clients the tools that they can use to develop more effective patterns of thinking, communication, or behavior. As we grow our team, we seek to bring in counselors who share our vision and client-centered approach to therapy.”

The expansion of services comes at a good time, noted Nabil. “Every year when the holiday season rolls around, we get an increase in new clients, and we often need to book more frequent appointments for our existing clients as well. Whether people suffer from seasonal affective disorder or are dealing with loss of some kind, the holidays are an especially emotional time, and people need extra support. We couldn’t be bringing in Samantha at a better time.”

With offices in Blue Ash, Hyde Park, West Chester, and downtown Cincinnati, Sam Nabil Counseling Services can accommodate clients throughout Cincinnati and its surrounding areas. Clients who are seeking therapists in blue ash Ohio can book an appointment at Nabil’s main office; with the expansion of services, there are now more hours available at the other locations as well. Committed to providing excellent Cincinnati counseling services, Nabil and his team welcome all clients, whatever their therapeutic needs. Prospective clients can make an appointment by phone or by filling out a form on the counseling service’s website.


About Sam Nabil

Sam Nabil is the founder of Naya Clinics and is a Cincinnati therapist and a Cincinnati Marriage Counselor.

Sam offers therapy in Cincinnati and Cincinnati Marriage Counseling for adults suffering from relationship challenges, life transitions and anxiety.

About Naya Clinics

Naya Clinics is a top-rated Marriage Counseling, therapy and Life coaching practice.

Naya Clinics offers Marriage Counselors near me, individual therapy near me, and life coaching near me in various locations across the USA and the world.

Naya Clinics also offers Online marriage counseling, online therapy, and online life coaching.

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