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10 Tips for Boosting your Low Self-Esteem

We all have bad days — those days where it seems impossible to put one foot in front of the other. We get down on ourselves and that allows others to do so, as well. We start believing the negative thoughts and soon we’re spiraling down.

Most of us have a fear of failure, so we don’t even try. Fear and negativity breed and take over our lives. But it shouldn’t. Adopting some affirmations for self esteem will work wonders for you.

If you can talk yourself into believing you are failing, you can talk yourself into believing you are winning. Find a few that hit home for you. Here are a few suggestions.

Affirmations For Self Esteem

Pick some that speak to you and write them down. Place them where you will see them every day, and add to the list as you find more inspiring words.

1. Don’t Compare Your Life

Looking at pictures on social media will not usually help. Friend’s pictures of fabulous vacations and bikini poses are great for them but don’t envy them. It’s hard not to, but you need to have your own story.

Rather, start your own envy-inducing photo album. Show off your own accomplishments and don’t put them up against anyone else’s. You have your own, find them and flaunt them!

2. Do Something That Makes You Happy

Treat yourself. This can be anything. Allow yourself something every day that you enjoy. Maybe catching up on your favorite TV show, a glass of wine in the bathtub, or a specialty coffee. Do whatever it is guilt-free.

We feel guilty about doing things we feel we shouldn’t. But don’t. Allow yourself some fun. Call in sick on a cold day and spend the day reading or binge-watching those back episodes. Feel good, not guilty.

3. Take A Class

Enrolling in a class is a great way to expand your knowledge, meet like-minded people and show yourself you are clever. You never know where this will lead. You might enjoy it so much, you return to school full time.

Adult education is the perfect gift to give yourself. Learn a new language, take a baking or cooking class, learn to tango and ballroom dance. learning something new about a passion means you will meet others there, with the same passion.

4. Don’t Read Comments

It’s too easy to fall down that hole — we’ve all been there. News stories, bullying, or even excessive praise showered on someone can all affect you negatively. Avoid reading them.

Close off the negativity from the bullies and false modesty. Often, people bragging or bullying are only covering their own low self esteem and don’t even know it. Don’t allow them to take yours.

5. Get Rid of Negative People

Try to eliminate the nay-sayers from your life. Take them off your Facebook and take them out of your life. Being around someone who always sees the glass half empty can make you start seeing life through their eyes.

Start surrounding yourself with people who are happier and do things with their lives that matter. Seeing yourself through others works much better when you see it through a sunny disposition.

6. Exercise

Any type of exercise will help. Take a walk in the park, take yoga, go to the gym. It gets you moving, releases endorphins and gives you the chance to meet new people.

You can meet new people, get out of the house and discover new things about yourself. Get it into your routine for structure and balance in your life. You will feel better, sleep better and even look better.

7. Wear Bright Colors

Add some color to your wardrobe. A splash of sunny yellow or happy purple can make you feel better. You stand out a bit more and it reflects and affects your mood, just like the dark and drab colors do.

Start with a small item, like bright socks or polka dot shirt. people will notice and compliment you on it and pretty soon, your closet will be full of fun and colorful clothing.

8. Random Acts of Kindness

Try to do one every day. Pay for someone’s lunch, or plug an expired parking meter. Ask an elderly neighbor if you can get them something from the store. Be kind to animals by adopting a rescue cat.

Making others happy makes you happy. It’s the small kindnesses that matter the most. It’s a small gift for both of you. The person you help may feel the same way you do, let them feel noticed and care about.

9. Say Thank You, Not Sorry

Changing the dialogue changes the situation. Instead of saying, ‘Sorry I’m late’ try, ‘Thank You for waiting’. It changes the way you feel about being late and it changes the way they feel about you being late, as well.

Saying sorry for things that are not our fault makes it seem like it was. You were not responsible for the traffic that made you late. We don’t need that responsibility. Take that weight off your shoulders.

10. Praise Yourself

Give yourself a pat on the back. Good job! Your boss or co-workers may not notice but you can. Rewards, even of the small variety can make you feel better. treat yourself to a movie or an ice cream.

Tell yourself you are worthy. Deserve the promotion, deserve getting ahead, deserve winning. Turn ‘I can’t’ into ‘I can’ and ‘I did’. Allow yourself a bit of praise for even the smallest accomplishments.

Give Yourself A Break

One of the best affirmations for self esteem is to just give yourself a break. Be kind to you. We all fail and we all feel bad about ourselves. You are allowed to visit, but you can’t live there.

Talking to someone about will help. Talking to a professional can set you on the right path to overcoming your self esteem problems and set you on a different path.

Sometimes, all you need is a little boost to get you started. For more information or to book a session with Naya Clinics, please follow this link.

Ready To Be Your Best Self?

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