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3 Signs That You Could Benefit From Counseling

It’s often tough to decide when it’s time to make an appointment for a therapy session. You may go back and forth in your head wondering if it’s something you can get through on your own or if you may need professional help. There are a number of reasons why a person might decide to schedule a therapy session, many of which are unique to each individual client. However, there are some situations that you might take note of listed below. If you are experiencing any of these, you will likely benefit from getting some help navigating them. 1. You have felt down or depressed or not like yourself. Perhaps you are well aware that a life situation like a breakup is causing you to feel stuck. You may not see a way through it. It might seem like you will never feel happy again. Many people come to counseling to talk through getting over such an event. Maybe you’ve felt extra tired and lethargic or aren’t eating as much as usual but don’t really have any specific reason why you think you should feel down. A therapist can help you figure out what is going on. In many cases several sessions is all it takes to acquire the tools to move forward. 2. You are experiencing compulsive or excessive behavior surrounding drinking, drug use, shopping etc. These or other similar behaviors indicate that you lack healthy coping skills. I teach my clients how to acquire healthy coping skills for times of stress or struggle (which we all have!) It could also mean you have an addiction in which case you will want to be informed and work with someone to take the steps needed to recover. Therapy allows you to unpack the secrets you may be carrying related to unhealthy behaviors, like drinking too much and hiding it. My office is a safe place to sit down and share in a comfortable, private setting, what you have been carrying around. 3. You have lost interest in social activities and find yourself isolating. Whether you are suffering from depression or have other factors contributing to this disconnection, talking to a therapist will allow you to sort out what is really going on and why. Once you get to the root of the issue, the two of you can discuss “attack plans” and you can begin to move forward. It is likely that with hard work and dedication you will regain normal functioning and find happiness. Whether you think you are suffering from a mental health condition, are in need of help working through a situation or circumstance, or are experiencing anything in between, a licensed therapist can assist. Many of my clients report that they leave “feeling lighter” which is a great feeling! If you think you might benefit from a session, please click here or send an email to I see clients most days and evenings. –Sarah Winders, MA, LPC

Worried About your relationship & have no time to go to Counseling?


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