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Hi, I'm Sam Nabil, founder of Naya Clinics


A fun fact about me, I was born in Sendai, Japan. I spent the first three years of my life in Japan before I moved with my family to Cairo, Egypt. I grew up in a quaint and quiet Cairo suburb where I walked to my nearby school and enjoyed my 30 minutes bicycle ride to my sports club.


I spent the better part of my summers on various sports teams. I did well at school, but my favorite part of the school day was always the hour or so a day where we played soccer.

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March 1977

Born in Sendai, Japan

I spent the first three years of my life in Japan. 

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Jan 1980

Moved to Cairo, Egypt

I grew up in a quaint and quiet Cairo suburb where I walked to my nearby school and enjoyed my 30 minutes bicycle ride to my sports club.

July 2000

BA political science & economics

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I studied political science and economics, and represented my university in a number of international conferences.

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Feb 2004

Marketing manager for a Al-Sadd Sports club

June 2003

Moved to Qatar

I took a number of sales and marketing Jobs, one of which afforded me an opportunity to move to Qatar for work, and from there I was assigned for a job in Saudi Arabia, and then back to Qatar.

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Unsatisfied with my job at the time, I stumbled across an opportunity to lead the marketing department of a prominent Soccer club in Qatar.

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this led to a

sports management

9 year experience

Aug 2008

Master's Degree in Sports Management

I studied for a master’s degree in Sports Management from the reputable IE business school in Madrid, Spain. I was fortunate to have entertained soccer celebrities visiting Qatar like Maradonna and Zidane, and was involved in organizing major international sporting events. I enjoyed my job thoroughly. 

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concluding my sports management tenure

I had an epiphany.

I realized I was unsatisfied because I was not doing what I really want to be doing, which is helping people reach their full potential in life.

Sep 2015

Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health

This sent me down a fantastic journey of self-discovery, travels, experience, education, and career change. I enrolled in a Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling in the USA, and once again, it was time for me to pack my bags and move my entire life into a new country and a new adventure.

Now, I am doing my dream job of helping people navigate their own challenges with their relationships, work, and life. 


I draw not only on my counseling education and experience, but also on more than 20+ years of experience in organizational behavior, human behavior, sports performance, and a wide range of multicultural experiences, to bring you a unique counseling experience that helps you achieve your own goals out of life, work and relationships.