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Hi, I'm Sam Nabil, founder of Naya Clinics


A fun fact about me, I was born in Sendai, Japan. I spent the first three years of my life in Japan before I moved with my family to Cairo, Egypt. I grew up in a quaint and quiet Cairo suburb where I walked to my nearby school and enjoyed my 30 minutes bicycle ride to my sports club.


I spent the better part of my summers on various sports teams. I did well at school, but my favorite part of the school day was always the hour or so a day where we played soccer.

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Work one on one with Sam Nabil - The Founder of Naya Clinics - Online Only unless otherwise agreed.
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March 1977

Born in Sendai, Japan

I spent the first three years of my life in Japan. 

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Jan 1980

Moved to Cairo, Egypt

I grew up in a quaint and quiet Cairo suburb where I walked to my nearby school and enjoyed my 30 minutes bicycle ride to my sports club.

July 2000

BA political science & economics

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I studied political science and economics, and represented my university in a number of international conferences.

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Feb 2004

Marketing manager for a Al-Sadd Sports club

June 2003

Moved to Qatar

I took a number of sales and marketing Jobs, one of which afforded me an opportunity to move to Qatar for work, and from there I was assigned for a job in Saudi Arabia, and then back to Qatar.

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Unsatisfied with my job at the time, I stumbled across an opportunity to lead the marketing department of a prominent Soccer club in Qatar.

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this led to a

sports management

9 year experience

Aug 2008

Master's Degree in Sports Management

I studied for a master’s degree in Sports Management from the reputable IE business school in Madrid, Spain. I was fortunate to have entertained soccer celebrities visiting Qatar like Maradonna and Zidane, and was involved in organizing major international sporting events. I enjoyed my job thoroughly. 

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concluding my sports management tenure

I had an epiphany.

I realized I was unsatisfied because I was not doing what I really want to be doing, which is helping people reach their full potential in life.

Sep 2015

Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health

This sent me down a fantastic journey of self-discovery, travels, experience, education, and career change. I enrolled in a Master’s degree in clinical mental health counseling in the USA, and once again, it was time for me to pack my bags and move my entire life into a new country and a new adventure.

Now, I am doing my dream job of helping people navigate their own challenges with their relationships, work, and life. 


I draw not only on my counseling education and experience, but also on more than 20+ years of experience in organizational behavior, human behavior, sports performance, and a wide range of multicultural experiences, to bring you a unique counseling experience that helps you achieve your own goals out of life, work and relationships.



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10 certified therapists & 5 offices later

After years of living my personal dream with helping clients through my practice "Sam Nabil Counseling services, a new leap of faith presented itself.

My practice has grown so big so fast, that it was almost ridiculous for it to be named after me anymore. 

With 10 other therapists providing services to clients in a total of 5 offices, a client was less likely to see me or be in my office. It became clear that the practice has outgrown its old name, and it was time to give it a new one that better reflects the current situation, and so Naya Clinics was born.


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Naya Clinics means a fresh new beginning

A clinic is defined as a group meeting devoted to the analysis and solution of concrete problems or to the acquiring of specific skills or knowledge.


And that is the inspiration of the new name. Naya Clinics is a place where we meet our clients to analyse and solve concrete problems, help our clients acquire new skills and knowledge, for the purpose of feeling renewed and refreshed.

My personal and family journey has also necessitated a change.

My wife accepted a new job offer in Boston, and as such, we have decided to move our family to Boston for the next 2 to 3 years.

That means that I will leave the Ohio and Kentucky offices in the capable hands of my team, and head off to Boston to start a new location for the practice.

I look forward to doing the same helpful work with my Boston clients as I did with my Cincinnati clients, as well as continue working with my current clients online when the time has come to complete the move.

If you have ever worked with me, you probably heard me say, life is so much more worth living if one lives it as an adventure.

Well, I'm venturing off to Boston, and I would be happy to assist you with finding your own next adventure.



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Wonderful to work with! Addresses everything that you need and he is versatile in his expertise!

- Thumbtack Review

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Professional and caring towards those he interacts with. I admire his ability to connect with people and make differences in their lives.

- Google Review

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Has a great balance of being supportive while also challenging you.

- Yelp Review

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Sam's team consists of a passionate bunch of highly skilled counselors who deeply care about helping people live their best lives possible. A great bunch of caring, skilled and hard-working human-beings!

- Facebook Review


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